The HIS KIDS FOUNDATION was started in the year 2002,The Trust has envisioned the necessity for the poor and needy person for the uplift of the society. The Trust has grown in leaps and bounds under God's guidance. The Trust is helping thousands of students and needy people to secure their future by visiting the hospitals and praying for the sick, caring the poor and destitute adults and children. We are running with the projects like Orphanage, Church Planting, Pastors & Leaders Seminars, Etc. The main motive of this Trust is to help the people those who are rejected by the society in one way or the other. We are helping some poor children in their education and we are collecting clothes and distributing to the needy ones and providing food to the hungry.We also uplift and build churches in and around South India & We also train many Pastors & Christian Leaders by providing regular Seminars and meetups.

At His Kids Foundation we are working tirelessly and giving our best to the people who are for us.There are a lot of  testimonies which will give you a change.Our Goal is only to develop the current situations and also Prepare people for the Kingdom Of God.We also support Many Pastors and also help in their Ministry,Its happy to say that we are extending our Growth larger and Lager by the Grace Of God.



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Pastor JOSEPH JAYAKUMAR is the Founder of His Kids Foundation,

He Himself was the victim of this deprived humanity, Who himself has gone through the abuse and humiliation And he started to minister to such a king of people when he was touched and delivered by God The Almighty.Who was carried with a vision of working among the deprived society.He then started his Mission with great desire and Enthusiasm. He put his heart and soul into it in reaching out the deprived society and found the very need of their situation.This made him to start the below mentioned projects.

  • Children's Orphanage 

  • Church Planting

  • Outreach Ministry

  • Pastor & Leaders Seminars     

His passion to serve the Lord among this deprived society increased day by day which made him to pioneered many churches in an around the villages of South India.As he found that there is a need in Educating & Teaching about the KINGDOM OF GOD among the many.His Vision and Passion is to take forward these projects further and to reach the unreached.